Five pack of hemp small inserts

Five pack of hemp small inserts

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Bundle Pack

FIVE SMALL super absorbent four layer hemp cotton inserts.


Why Hemp?

  • Boost absorbency without bulk.
  • Great for nap time/night time/car rides.
  • Does not create compression leaks the way microfiber does.
  • Snap the insert to another to hold both in place so they don't move or bunch.
  • Hemp gradually gets to full absorbency after multiple washes.


Dimensions: approximately 13x27cm

45% Organic cotton,55% hemp

Note: If snapping to shell these inserts are compatible with the original shells only 

Tilly Tip: Give these inserts a good soak in water before you use them. It may take up to 10 washes to reach full absorbency. Gently stretch the insert after washing as they can shrink to maintain shape.